The Smock House in Marlboro, NJ

I have passed this house for years – always admired it.

But one day – it was different.

Gone were the trees that enveloped it and kept it safe, replaced by a barren field and bulldozers. I froze in fear.

Of course my first thought was that they were tearing out down for yet another couple of McMansions.

But – from what I heard, that is not the case and the house itself will remain and additional housing will be built around it. I hope that is true.

The History

42 Vanderberg Road also know as the Smock House.

The existing home is estimated to date back to 1830-1848 and the Smock family resided there in the 1860’s according to census records. There was Uriah Smock his wife Catharine Smock – their children Ella, Daniel and Mary. 2 servants also resided in the home.

The property dates being even earlier to the Smock family – and transfers of the property dates back to the late 1700’s!The importance of this home lies in the fact that it was one of the original “Marl bed” locations in the area. These Marl beds is where it is said Marlboro got its name. If you are not aware marl is composed of the remains of prehistoric fish and clams – which are from a period when NJ was actually part of the ocean bed! It was one of our first industries…..#abandonedbeauty#njpreservation#SaveOurHistory#njhistory#historicalnj

The Smock House in Marlboro NJ

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