Rescue Haven Foundation Adoptables – 12/13/20

I recently had the chance to meet the great team working hard at Rescue Haven Foundation in NJ. We met at Long Pond Ironworks state park to get some fresh images of some of their beautiful dogs that are currently waiting for homes. So, please take a look at these amazing babies – and if you have the room, consider adopting one and let them enjoy Christmas in a wonderful home!

Wales – 6 Years Young / Poodle Terrier Mix

Wales – 6-year-old Poodle/Terrier Mix 16 lbs who was a stray. He is a happy dog who is eager to learn. He is House-trained, Crate Trained and WeeWee Pad trained as well. He is learning to play with his foster brothers and sisters, but is still a bit awkward. When excited he will play bite so it is recommended he goes to an adult household that does not ruff house with him. He would do best in a quiet home and would do well as the only pet. He does not like to be picked up or restrained, he could snap. He has some issues in his hindquarters but is doing better, than when first arrived.. will also require a procedure in the next few weeks. So once this is resolved, he will be on the road to full recovery and feel much better overall.

Shiloh – 8 Years Young / Bichon Frise Mix

Shiloh – 8 years old Bichon Frise Mix, 13lbs found as a stray. She is a sweet girl that loves her humans! She bonds quickly to one person in the household and follows them everywhere. She gets along with other dogs, but prefers people more! She is learning her leash manors and is house, crate and wee-wee pad trained. Loves her sweaters and loves to cuddle! She has had some medical issues, but is healthy now, but will require on-going veterinary care as she goes through life to manage her health.

Kayla – 10 Years Young / Chihuahua Mix

Kalya – 10-year-old Chihuahua Mix, 12lbs. who was surrendered by her owner. She is very sweet and prefers to be the only pet in the household. She gets along with other dogs, but reactive if they get to close or when she is eating her food or treats. She loves to go for walks and rides in the car. She is a wonderful companion dog for a quiet household with no children. She is easily frightened by loud noises or if people move too quickly. She would appreciate slow introductions to new people and places to help her feel safe. She loves to cuddle with her human and loves her kongs and chew bones, but does not like to share them!

Sunflower – 11 Years Young / Pomeranian

SunFlower – 11-year-old Pomeranian female, 9 lbs was found a stray in Brooklyn, she came to us with severe dental disease, we removed all but one tooth. She is in a home with other dogs and she is very tolerant of them, she keeps to herself. She has limited sight, so she will flinch if started. She does not like to be held or restrained (even with a leash) so we let her roam within a fenced area and she loves to be outdoors and loves her naps. She is never a bother, but she is truly an independent lady who likes her freedom!

Bianca – 6.5 Years Young / Boxer

She’s a 6 and a 1/2 year old purebred boxer according to her owners, mother was a German boxer and father an American boxer. We saw Bianca’s picture and plea for rescue at NYACC. She was surrendered by her owners with a large tumor on her ear and alopecia. When we took her from the shelter, we knew right away that the tumor was cancerous. We aspirated it which confirmed it was a mast cell cancer and most of the tumor was removed (due to location) along with her entire left ear. She’s in a home with 4 other female dogs and she gets along great with everyone. She is extremely sweet, loves everybody she meets, loves the snooze her days away on the couch, enjoys walks, car rides, and food.

Thor – 6 Year Old / Mix Breed

Thor 6 year old mix who was surrendered to us by his owner who claimed to work too many hours to take care of him and the other dog in the home (who we took as well), Thor was decompressing in Foster when he had a sudden onset of hind leg paralysis on Nov 15. He was in medical boarding for 2 weeks and started using his legs with rest and therapy! He is in a foster home and looking for a forever home. Loves everyone and seems OK with dogs. Thor is an itty bitty guy around 43lbs, prefers not to be left alone too long, loves snuggles, loves bones, and snuggling some more.

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